No indications of terrorist threat in Greece, says minister

There are no indications that Greece may face terrorism from Jihadists like the ones witnessed in the rest of Europe, Alternate Minister for Citizen Protection Nikos Toskas said in an interview with public broadcaster ERT on Sunday night, commenting on the terrorist attack in Barcelona.

"Our country is a pillar of stability and also security compared with, not just our immediate region, but also with the rest of Europe," he said, noting that the aim of the Jihadists is fear, "just like it happened in London, Paris, Germany, Spain recently, and Brussels before."

"There are no indications of such threats, such dangers in our country, without this implying that there are no general risks, there may not be people who are considering in their minds to do acts like the ones we saw," he added.

Toskas said terrorism in Europe is fuelled by the situation in the Middle East and affects all the countries, which do not want to let fear dominate but also, stop Jihadists from committing the crimes they have in their minds.

The minister also said all Greek agencies, including the police and intelligence services, are cooperating with those of other European and non-European agencies in order to avert such incidents.

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